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  • I’ve tried to keep it small as it is an introduction but would you like more detail
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  1. I have used MQTT quite a bit with ESP8266, Arduino and ESP32. I found your guide very good, an excellent tutorial that could be easily understood by beginners and as a reference for more experienced people. I spotted one typo where you discuss versions you have ‘for’ not four.
    Another really excellent tool for visualizing and inspecting MQTT messages is MQTT-Spy which works on both Windows and Linux (Ubuntu) in my case.
    I think more examples using the Arduino IDE including the ESP family would be very helpful as I believe many people new to IOT start by this route.
    From a personal perspective I would like to see a thorough coverage of both sending and receiving (publishing and subscribing) JSON formatted topics / payloads. In particular creating and decoding the messages.
    Please carry on developing this project

    Oh, I forgot, in the PDF download the highlighted links do not work, at least for me anyway.

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