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Please Leave you feedback to the draft pdf on the JSON Basics Course and Workbook in the comments below and or by simply using the star rating.

I’m interested to know

  • If the book was missing important material?
  • If you wanted more detail?
  • If you wanted more usage examples (code)?
  • Is it sufficient as a starting guide?
  • How would you rank it on a scale 1 to 5 with 5 being excellent.
  • I’ve tried to keep it small as it is an introduction but would you like more detail
  • etc

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  1. AlthoughAlthough I’m still the absolute beginner in both JSON and JavaScript, I find the instructions very well done. What instructions would you recommend to me to familiarize myself with these two subject areas, which can help me get started with the implementation of iot tasks as a beginner? As a German, I always find American to be much easier to understand than that of Germans :o) I still have the same problem with object-oriented programming. At the moment I have been able to make hopeful progress with the help of Node Red and MQTT, but more with the trial and error method. Hardware basis was up to now the ESP8266 but I’m also very much interested in Zwave, because I have thrown out the Fibaro HC2 and now try my luck with Noder Red, MQTT and openHAB, in order to be able to use my older Zwave actors and sensors as well as my new ESP8266 devices.

  2. JSON workbook.
    Typo, question 1 appears twice.
    I like the concept and would suggest an introduction to exactly what are the differences between JSON and Javascript strings.
    The highlighted links do not work, or at least not on my download.
    I would like to examples of using the JSON coding on ESP8266 / ESP32 processors and using it in conjunction with MQTT, both encoding and decoding.

    That will do for now

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