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This is a IOT data and topic logger similar to the python data and topic loggers that can be used for logging MQTT sensor and device data to log files either as a single file containing multiple topics or multiple files based on topic.

It is controlled using a node-red dashboard making it much easier to use than the python loggers.


Starting The Flow

When starting the flow it defaults to logging all data to a single log file. (see log files names and sizes below).

The data source in the flow is MQTT but can be other data sources as the data is passed using the msg.payload.

The data source doesn’t need to provide a topic unless you are trying to log by topic.

By default only the payload is logged but you can also log the topic, and a time stamp.

By default all data is logged.

Logging by Topic

If you enable the switch to log by topic the the logger creates separate log files for each topic and follows the MQTT topic hierarchy as shown in the schematic below:

MQTT-Topic-Logger File-Folder-Structure

Log File Names and Sizes

The current maximum log file file is 5MB after which a new log file is created the names use the structure


where xxx is a number starting with 000 so the first log file is log000.txt.

If you want to change these settings you will need to edit the store data function node.

Flow Overview

The node consists of several switches for setting the various options.

These switches are initialized using an inject node and reset button.

The control logic for these switches is contained in the Set Switches function node.

The switches store their settings in a flow object which can be read in the store data function node.

Each function node starts with this line

var local=flow.get('local') || {};

The MQTT node will need to be edited to reflect your system. You will need to change the broker and the topic.

You could add additional MQTT nodes to subscribe to multiple topic hierarchies

Using the Logger

You need to set the various option i.e. log by topic etc before activating the start logger switch.

Any change to the switches after logging has been started are ignored.

Stopping the logger actually pauses the logger as if you start it again it will continue to log without resetting any counters or file names.

To start a new log then use the reset button and manually clear the existing logs or the logger will append to them.

By default it logs all data but you can change it using the slider control to only log changes data.

This works very well when logging by topic.


In the tests I did uses node-red and the mosquitto broker on a Raspberry pi I logged 6000 messages (40 bytes) at 173 messages/second without data loss.


Video How to Log MQTT Sensor Data in Node-Red

This video covers the older version of the logger however the fundamentals haven’t changed. The newer one is easier to use.

Flow Download

Comments and New Feature Requests

Grateful any comments and ideas for new features.

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  1. Great article, very useful feature!
    Would be possible to extend it by adding a “live” MQTT log viewer, to display in node-red a scrollable list with the last (for example) 50 MQTT messages?

      1. Good Stuff Steve

        I’m looking to log live data (last 50 events) in the dashboard. What would be the best way to do this, can you point me in the right direction?

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