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Over the last few years I have helped many people with their IOT and MQTT projects.

Many of the small tasks I have done,and continue to do, free of charge.

However due to time constraints I need to charge for tasks that require more than 15 minutes of my time, and don’t worry I will tell you upfront if there will be any charges.

I do offer a paid consulting, tuition and other services.

If you:

  • Need Help with a Real World MQTT project?
  • Require consultancy?
  • Mosquitto broker configuration help
  • Require one to one tuition on MQTT
  • Reports
  • etc

Then use the form below to ask.

I currently charge a basic rate of £60 per hour for online help, tuition and software development with a minimum charge of £10.

If you have a question regarding something covered in a tutorial or video then can you please use the comments form on the tutorial or video.

I don’t publish guest posts.

If you have tutorial or video suggestions the please use the suggestions page.



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