MQTT and The Internet of Things (IOT)

Home network and Internet

The first wave of the Internet involved connecting people to each other and people to information.

The next wave of the Internet will involve connecting the physical world to the Internet, and machines to each other.

Every object, both real and virtual, connected to, and accessible over the Internet is the basic idea of the Internet of Things or the internet of Everything.

Today we have the Smart phone tomorrow the smart car and the smart home.

All of these devices will be made Smart by connecting them together with other systems via networks, and the Internet.

Messaging, using protocols like MQTT, will have an important role to play and this site will concentrate on:

  • Basic networking
  • MQTT and MQTT Brokers
  • Python Network Programming

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Understanding and Using The JavaScript MQTT Client With Websockets

Web browsers use the http protocol and modern ones can also use websockets.

To publish and subscribe to an MQTT broker with a browser you will need to use JavaSript MQTT over websockets client. (more…)

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Creating an MQTT Broker With CloudMQTT

Cloud based brokers are likely to become very popular in the future for organisations they operate over a wide geographic area.

CloudMQTT like Amazon,Azure etc provide a managed cloud based mosquitto broker.

The plans on CloudMQTT are shared plans which means that several MQTT brokers run on the same hardware. (more…)

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Send JSON Data Over MQTT with Python

send-json-data-mqttEncoding data in JSON is popular for sending data over the Internet and also for storing data.

You can encode a Python List or dictionary in JSON format and then decode it back into a list or dictionary as illustrated in the diagram below: (more…)

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