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The first wave of the Internet involved connecting people to each other and people to information.

The next wave of the Internet will involve connecting the physical world to the Internet, and machines to each other (M2M – Machine to machine).

Every object, both real and virtual, connected to, and accessible over the Internet is the basic idea of the Internet of Things or the internet of Everything.. See- Beginners Guide to IOT

Although the Internet of Things will make use of the existing Internet and Internet technologies t will introduce new technologies,protocols and services.

One of the protocols I believe will be crucial in the coming years is MQTT and it will form the main focus of this site.

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Simple Python MQTT Topic Logger

mqtt-topic-loggerThe MQTT data logger logs data to all monitored topics to the same log files.

If the data need to be split into topics then it will need to be done by the log analyser software. (more…)

Setting up the Sonoff Tasmota MQTT Switch

sonoff-switchNormally the Sonoff switches don’t support MQTT but you can buy flashed devices that run the Tasmota firmware that does.

The Sonoff-Tasmota firmware provides three interfaces: MQTT, web and serial that can be used for controlling the switch.

In this tutorial I will cover basic setup of the Sonoff Tasmota MQTT Basic Switch and how to use MQTT to control and configure the switch. (more…)

Beginners Guide to Data and Character Encoding

When I first starting working with computers everything was in ASCII.

However today working with networking protocols and network programming you will come across a variety of data and character encoding schemes.

In this tutorial we will look at basic encoding schemes used on computers and in the second part of the tutorial we look at how data is sent over a network. (more…)

Using the Node-Red Function Node- Beginners Guide

node-red-function-nodeThe function node is used to run JavaScript code against the msg object.

The function node accepts a msg object as input and can return 0 or more message objects as output.

This message object must have a payload property (msg.payload), and usually has other properties depending on the proceeding nodes. (more…)

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