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beginners guide internet-and-networkingIn 2017 over 3 billion people where connected to the Internet (Wiki), and over the past 10 years the Internet has become just as important as TV, radio, and the telephone.

The use of the Internet,networks and related technologies is growing.

Today we have the Smart phone tomorrow the smart car and the smart home.

All of these devices will be made Smart by connecting them together via a network, and to the Internet.

Networking and Home Networking

Today’s home and office networks are built around the same protocols and technologies as the Internet. – –TCP/IP protocol suite explained.

The home network or home office network forms the hub for your internet connection allowing all devices,play stations, tablets, computers etc to connect together, and to share an Internet connection.

With the growing use of Internet and network enabled devices there will a growing need for almost everyone to have a basic understanding of networking so that they can setup, configure, and use them.

Recommended Reading

The Basic computer networking course is for beginners and will help you understand the basics.

The Setting up a home network will help you setup a small office/home network for the first time.

Understanding DNS – DNS is what make computer networking across the Internet possible

The Internet of Things (IOT)

The first wave of the Internet involved connecting people to each other and people to information.

The next wave of the Internet will involve connecting the physical world to the Internet, and machines to each other (M2M – Machine to machine).

Every object, both real and virtual, connected to, and accessible over the Internet is the basic idea of the Internet of Things or the internet of Everything.

The Internet of things will introduce many new technologies,protocols and services and I hope to cover them as they develop.

Currently I’m focused on MQTT which is emerging as the main messaging protocol for IOT.

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Understanding The Node-Red Message Object

node-red-icon1A node red flow consists of a series on interconnected nodes.(wired nodes).

All nodes must have an input and can have 0 or multiple outputs.

Nodes exchange data using the msg object. (more…)

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MQTT-SN RSMB Broker Install and Configuration

You can download the RSMB ( Really small message broker here here. Unzip it.

When you unzip it you should see a directory structure like the one below:



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Using The Python MQTT-SN Client

There is a Python client included with the RSMB src files. You can download the RSMB ( Really small message broker here here.

The client is written in python2.7 and consists of 4 files.


The handles the packet packing and unpacking, and you don’t need to edit this. (more…)

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