MQTT and The Internet Internet of Things ( IOT)

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beginners guide internet-and-networkingIn 2017 over 3 billion people where connected to the Internet (Wiki), and over the past 10 years the Internet has become just as important as TV, radio, and the telephone.

The use of the Internet,networks and related technologies is growing.

Today we have the Smart phone tomorrow the smart car and the smart home.

All of these devices will be made Smart by connecting them together via a network, and to the Internet.

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The Internet of Things (IOT)

The first wave of the Internet involved connecting people to each other and people to information.

The next wave of the Internet will involve connecting the physical world to the Internet, and machines to each other (M2M – Machine to machine).

Every object, both real and virtual, connected to, and accessible over the Internet is the basic idea of the Internet of Things or the internet of Everything.

The Internet of things will introduce many new technologies,protocols and services and I hope to cover them as they develop.

Currently I’m focused on MQTT which is emerging as the main messaging protocol for IOT.

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