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Latest Newsletter- January 202

Hi and Welcome

I hope you a good Xmas and a happy new year.

At this time of year it is normal to make a few predictions about the coming year.

So what do I think will happen this year?

Well MQTT use will continue to grow and the protocol will be implemented in many new devices.

The Google trends graph shows Interest in China is huge and they make most of our electronic products.


Also there is significant interest in South Korea ,Germany and Singapore.

If you remember earlier last year I predicated growth in MQTT-SN usage.

Although it doesn’t appear to have happened I still believe that it will appear.

Currently MQTT-SN isn’t standardised but it is close. See here for draft version 2.

In addition there is currently also a lack of broker support.

If you are currently using MQTT-SN then I would appreciate that you drop me a line and let me know about it and maybe share your story.

Lora, Lora Wan and MQTT

As a point of interest I purchase a Lorawan IOT development kit to get more familiar with LoraWan.

However I discovered that the Lorawan Gateway also had support for MQTT.

So I could send the Lora sensor data direct to the MQTT broker and not use the Lorawan network at all.

Now this was a very inexpensive device so I’m sure the commercial devices also have this capability.

If you are using Lora in this manner please send me more details using the suggestions page. or by replying to the newsletter

Interesting Questions

Can I request a On-Demand Read (requesting read at a particular time) from an MQTT Client (say a energy monitoring MQTT supported device) client? May I know which section specifies this in the MQTT specification document (any version that supports)?

The answer is that MQTT doesn’t support this as part of the protocol.

However you can build this capability into the client. There are a couple of examples on the site:

Will there be a Sparkplug for MQTT 5.0 soon ? I am not able to find anything.

Sparkplug only defines a topic structure and payload structure and isn’t reliant on any MQTT features other than last will message which is present in MQTTv5. So my understanding is it shouldn’t make any difference.

Arduino Tutorials

My Arduino demos scripts are some of my most popular downloads.

I’m not an Arduino expert and only really got involved with it because of the many questions I was getting.

A recent question prompted me to create another tutorial on floats and integers as payloads.

Other tutorials


I have upgraded the MQTT book to include MQTTv5. If you have already purchased the book you should be able to download the latest version

New year is always a time of change and I am still thinking about how to make the site and newsletter more valuable to site visitors and newsletter readers.

So let me know what you think and what else you would find useful. Again please use the suggestions page.

Best Regards