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Just a reminder that I have upgraded the MQTT book to include MQTTv5. If you have already purchased the book you should be able to download the latest version


Having been a technical trainer for over 10 years it is my experience that long detailed courses aren’t usually the best way of presenting material.

It is for this reason that I am thinking of creating short or mini courses in a workshop style.

These would consist of several videos and tutorials with quizzes and probably a live Q and A over Zoom.

These course would probably take between 1 and 3 hours to complete.

Because creating courses is time consuming I am looking for feedback.

Below is a list of topics which I am considering .

would you be interested in a mini course on

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I am also interested in your views on mini courses in general, and if you think it is better than a full course.As an example I could create a full course on MQTT just like in my MQTT book.

Alternatively I could create mini courses dealing with distinct aspects of MQTT that many people find confusing like MQTT QOS levels and which ones to use.

Please let me know what you think using the comments form.

If you want the comments kept private just indicate this and I will not publish it.


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