Display MQTT Data On A Web Page

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  1. Downloaed it on raspberry 3B. Used apache2 for the webserver. MQTT broker running on the sameraspberry. Broker works fine and I can get data on ios MQTTAnalyzer app. I open the webpage in chrome on another mac. Fill in the form but get this response in the console:
    ‘Websocket connection to ‘ws://’ mqttws31.js:979 failed:

    what am I doing wrong?

  2. I am trying to publish som mqtt data on a webpage and looked into your examples.
    Your script require Websockets (SSL) ?
    Can Websockets use username and password or must we use Certificate?

    1. Bart… be kind… Yes, it maybe full of errors… but you should appreciate his effort and the time he put into this to teach the world how one can go about doing this. I am sure there are plenty of websites out there that has more complete or working web pages on DISPLAYING DATA on webpages using MQTT. To be honest, I like his no nonsense and straight the point web page on this subject; Short and SWEET. Some self-help websites have 20 page long article on doing some simple task which can be condensed down to 1 page. lol… So, give him a break and thank him…

      Keep up the good work, Steveo… Cheers!!! and Thank you for website… 🙂

  3. I believe there is an error in web-page-monitor2.htm
    Outside Light:
    Outside Temperature:
    Outside Light:
    Outside Temperature:

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