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  1. Hi Steve
    I have an issue using the flow its saying i have an error as follows
    SyntaxError: Unexpected token ] and its saying
    The workspace contains some nodes that are not properly configured:
    [template] Display Messages (function) its showing a warning triangle on line 6 if(count==undefined)
    the demo window is there but no information is shown also the debug window does not get any messages through the function node
    Any surgestions on the fix?

    1. Hi
      the triangle is nothing to worry about. It wants to see if(count===undefined).
      The unexpected token is probably something wrong with the incoming data.
      Can you use the ask steve page and send me the flow and I will check it.

      1. I found the error. For some reason the the two vertical lines (OR) on the first line are present in the video but not in the downloadable flow.

        By the way, the video has a slightly different name and this blog post does not have a link to it. Worth correcting, I think.

        Very useful series, many thanks!

        Brian Williams

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