MQTT-SN RSMB Broker Install and Configuration

You can download the RSMB ( Really small message broker here here. Unzip it.

When you unzip it you should see a directory structure like the one below:


Open the RSMB folder and go to the src folder:


In the src folder you will find the source files (.c and .h files), it also contains a Makefile that contains instructions to build the broker.

Navigate to this directory and run make to compile the broker.

Note: On Linux the compiler will already be installed and so this will work. However on Windows you will need the necessary software installed. I have only done this on Linux.

You get two brokers called broker and broker_mqtts.

The broker program only support MQTT over TCP.

The broker_mqtts is the one you need to run MQTT-SN.

I copied the broker files into a directory of their own and created a configuration file called text.txt.

In the configuration file I turned on detailed logging and set the broker port for 1884 just to test it. here is the file.


To run it at a command prompt type.

..broker_mqtts test.txt


Here is a quick getting started guide

64 bit Processors

If you want to run it on a 64 bit processor it may fail with a strange warning that it can’t find the file.

On Ubuntu you need to do the following:


Screen shot above taken from this forum post.

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