Checking MQTT Subscription Acknowledgements- Python Code Examples

When you subscribe to an MQTT topic there is always a chance that the subscription will fail.

Therefore it is important that your code checks that the subscription succeeded.

MQTT provides message Ids for this purpose.

The subscribe function returns a tuple to indicate success, and also a message id which is used as a tracking code.

(result, mid)

Therefore the subscribe call needs to check this.

This is what to docs say:


So in pseudo code we have

  • Try to subscribe and raise an error if it failed
  • check result for 0 and if not zero then fail
  • If result =0 then store mid value so we can check it is acknowledged.

This is the python code I use:

def subscribe_topics(client,topics,qos=0):
   print("topic ",topics,"  ",qos)
   if type(topics) is not list: #topics should be list of tuples
      if type(topics) is not tuple: #topics isn't tuple?
      if r[0]==0:
"subscribed to topic "+str(topic_list)+" return code" +str(r))
          client.topic_ack.append([topic_list,r[1],0]) #keep track of subscription

"error on subscribing "+str(r))
          print("error on subscribing "+str(r))
          return -1

   except Exception as e:"error on subscribe"+str(e))
      return -1
   return r

Notes: when subscribing the topic and mid value are stored in a list. This list is updated by the on_subscribe callback function as shown below:

def on_subscribe(client,userdata,mid,granted_qos):
   """removes mid values from subscribe list"""
   logging.debug("in on subscribe callback result "+str(mid))
   if len(client.topic_ack)==0:
          #print("All subs acknowledged")
   for index,t in enumerate(client.topic_ack):
      if t[1]==mid:
         client.topic_ack.pop(index)#remove it
         #print("removed from list")

Now all we need to do is wait for all subscriptions to be complete.

I use a check_subs function that checks the subscribe acknowledgements. Here is the code:

def check_subs(client):
   while wcount<10: #wait loop
      if len(client.topic_ack)==0:
          return True
      if not client.running_loop:
         client.loop(.01)  #check for messages manually
   return False

The code waits about 10 seconds before it gives up.

Flags and variable used that need to be assigned

client.running_loop #set False if running manual loop otherwise set true

client.topic_ack=[] #list for subscribe topics and mids.

To use the above code we do this:

  • subscribe
  • wait for all subscriptions

The code looks like this:

if not check_subs(client):
   print("missing subscribe acknowledgements")

Subscribing to multiple topics

When you subscribe to multiple topics using a topic list then you only get a single acknowledgement for all topics.

The screen shot below shows the mid values when subscribing to single topics, tuple and topic list



Demo Subscribe acknowledge Script

VideoChecking MQTT Subscribe Acknowledgements

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  1. Upon subscribing to a topic.. i am expecting to get a json response for the subscribe function… How to get it done, kindly help with this pls!!

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