Updated: July 11, 2017

IOT and MQTT Dashboards and Platforms-Working Notes

mqtt-dashboardIOT dashboards will be essential for visualizing IOT data, and controlling IOT devices.

Although there seem to be lots of dashboards available many seem to be focused on displaying analytics data using http to pull data from web sources.

Here is a list on Github.

Dashboards are available as web based applications that can be run on locally installed hardware or run in the cloud.

They are also available for tablets and phones for controlling and monitoring and controlling small systems.

MQTT Dashboards

To be useful for IOT display and control they really need to be able to use IOT protocols like MQTT to gather data.

The following is a list of dashboards that I have encountered that are currently available.

Note: I expect this list will grow considerably in the future.

Thingsboard Open source data visualization and device management. Open source Apache license. Available as cloud service or to install on local hardware.

There is a good introductory YouTube video here

It seems that it can only be used for data monitoring and not device control. See Creating an MQTT Dashboard Using Thingsboard

Node-RedOpen source Node js based platform for flow based programming. Device management using the node-red UI.

It can be used both  for data monitoring, and not device control.

This article is a good introduction to node-red. Here is the Github page.

Freeboard.io – Open source -Very popular but doesn’t currently support MQTT out of the box

However there is an MQTT data source plugin available here.

Available as a service but also available from Github

Looking through the Github page it doesn’t seem to be being actively developed.

kaa -IOT cloud platform. Promising lots of functionality but I haven’t tried it yet as there doesn’t appear to be a free cloud demo available as yet.

Android Based Dashboards and Device Control

These are very useful for viewing and controlling individual devices and small systems.

Note: you can see an example of using MQTT Dashboard in the controllable sensor tutorial


MQTT Dashboards


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